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Frequency Asked Question

What is the difference between a residential and a commercial garage door?
Essentially, the difference between the two garage doors may simply be a frequency of use. While one to five people may reside in a single home, a commercial property may occupy tens or even hundreds of people, necessitating a garage door that may be opened and closed much more frequently. Therefore, it is important that the motor and components in a commercial garage door are able to keep up with the high traffic.
Are aluminium garage doors better?
The primary benefit of an aluminum garage door is that it is lighter, therefore reducing the workload on the motor and components that lift the garage. That, in and of itself, can mean the components will last longer simply by merit of their reduced required output.
Why is my garage door so noisy? What can I do?
When a garage is attached to a living unit, the noise some of the components make can be quite bothersome to the tenants. Noise is caused by several reasons, some are more easily remedied than others. When choosing a garage door operator in this case, it may be wise to use a quieter belt drive opener, rather than a chain drive opener. Equally important is to ensure that all components are properly operating and are in optimal condition.
Why should I add windows to my garage door?
Adding windows is a nice decorative touch to the garage door, and considering it is such a large portion of the home’s visible front surface, it can definitely add some curb appeal. Windows will also add much-needed light into the garage, and with the many available finishes, privacy will never have to be compromised.
Does my garage door need to be insulated?
The answer to this depends on the use of your garage. If your garage is being used in such a manner that the rest of the walls are insulated, it follows that the garage door – essentially one entire wall of the garage – should be insulated as well.
I like the look of the all-glass garage doors, but are they practical?
The all-glass garage doors are certainly eye-catching and are actually quite durable, but there are some things to take into consideration when opting for one. For starters, they do not offer the same type of insulation or thermal resistance as a more conventional door. So if this is a factor, you may want to choose a door that offers more thermal resistance.
What is the cost of a new garage door?
The answer to this often-asked question depends on several factors, including materials, labor required, and product choice. Because there are so many variables, it is difficult to provide a general price quote, so the best way to comparison shop is to contact your trusted professional with your needs and get the most accurate pricing.
How do I choose the right garage door for me?
Choosing the right garage door depends on a few factors, such as material choice, matching the color to your home, they available space, and the function of the garage. When working with an experienced team, you can count on their recommendations to suggest the absolute best products and operators for you.
Why is it important to use a professional installer for my garage door?
There are some projects around the house that may be challenging to a DIY-er, but none so much as a garage door installation. Garage doors require proper installation to ensure safety, reliability, and durability. Injury and death have occurred from improperly installed garage doors, so the need for an experienced professional is essential.
Do I need my garage door repaired, or do I need a brand new one?
The only way to determine this is to contact your local professional to inspect the garage door and components. Once everything has been carefully inspected by a professional, a recommendation can be made on whether repair or replacement will be the best course of action.
Does my new garage door need a new track, or can I use my old one?
We recommend you replace the track along with the door when replacing a garage door. The reason is because each door has a track that is designed to work along with it and installing a new track along with the new door will offer the best results and durability.
When should I call for service on my garage door?
Routinely examining your springs, tracks, and components will alert you to changes such as worn springs or cables, or other damage that may necessitate an inspection by a trusted professional. It is important to pay attention to any damaged components to ensure the safety of your garage door and to you and your family.
My garage door slams down when I close it. Why is this happening?
If the garage door slams down when closing, it may not be balanced. Call your professional garage door installer for a service call to determine the cause and offer solutions for your garage door.
Are extension springs or torsion springs better?
When searching for a garage door opener, the option between extension and torsion springs arises. Extension springs have the advantage of being more affordable and thus more common, but torsion springs – by virtue of their operation type – are a better investment in terms of long-term durability.
Do I need a lock on my garage door?
If your garage has an electrical opener, it removes the need for a lock, as the electrical mechanism that opens it serves as a lock. If you are away and want to offer additional security, you may install a lock on the garage, but it is important to ensure the lock is never engaged when operating the electrical opener. Doing so could potentially damage the electrical mechanism.
Is it possible to replace just one window or panel on a garage door, or do I need to replace the entire door?
It is possible to replace just one or more windows or panels on a garage door, and you may not need to replace the entire door. This depends on the type of damage and what type of door you have. Contact your local professional to find out options for repairing or replacing parts of a door.
What if I lose my garage door opener?
If you lose your garage door opener, you may need to use your garage door manually until you can obtain a new garage door opener. If you do not have a spare opener, contact your trusted professional to see what your options are.
Why do the lights on my garage door blink and the door remains open?
If the lights on the garage door are blinking and the door won’t close, it means that the sensors located at the bottom by the floor are detecting an object in the way. This is a safety feature, to ensure there is nothing obstructing the sensors and try again.
What if my electricity goes out? How do I open the garage?
If your power goes out, you may need to open the garage manually. Most garage openers have a manual option in the form of a chord that can be pulled to engage the manual feature. This can be used in the case of a power outage.
Does my garage door require regular maintenance?
A properly installed garage door does not require regular maintenance, but it is important to regularly inspect the components such as the springs and cables to make sure there are no signs of fraying or damage.

Electric Gates

Frequency Asked Question

Are gate operators more expensive than garage door openers?
Yes, because gate operators are more sophisticated because they are made to survive the elements. They must adapt to different types of gates, sold in smaller numbers and require more time to both service and install.
Why are gate operator prices so different between models?
Pricing is based on a few variables: the gates weight, size and cycles it makes per hour. Other details include how advanced the controller is and the gate’s resilience.
How long does a gate operator typically last?
With an efficient system installed, we estimate a gate operate should last at least 5 years. Beyond that you can expect routine maintenance. Overall though, a gate operator’s life expectancy tends to be about 15 years.
If the gate is about to hit my vehicle, what should I do?
It may be impossible to stop a collision if you’re too close, but we urge you to immediately try to stop the car and allow the gate to make impact. The sensors will cause it to reverse or stop moving in most cases. When the gate is clear, then you can move. Very important: you should always approach an open gate assuming it will do its job, to start to close.
Can you explain what exactly stops a gate from hitting something?
If it’s being hand-controlled, a person can press a button that moves, stop or reverse the gate. Light will recognize if an object is in the way. From there it will take two actions, either stop or reverse until the path is clear.
Can smart phones control the gate?
Yes. Smart phones are the most accessible technology for people today and we meet that demand by offering options now to choose how to best use your phone or the internet to control access for you and for others.
Can the remote control be programmed to operate buttons in my car?
The situation depends. Similar to the garage door, adaptations may need to be made to make them compatible.
How do I allow guests to enter?
This is a customization that will depend on your needs. We can consider keypads or push buttons or a cellular entry device, and this will influence the cost. We prefer to speak with you directly about these options.
How can I be sure which operator is best for me?

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