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Off Track

If your garage door is off track, you need a professional garage door installer to take a look at it and reposition the door properly. When a garage door is off track for any reason, it can cause uneven load onto the springs and cables, which can be a very dangerous situation. Garage doors come off tracks for a variety of reasons, whether from roller wear or impact damage from a vehicle or other object. Therefore, a garage door that is detected to be off tracks must be corrected immediately, to avoid further damage to the door or home occupants.

Opener Repair

The garage door opener, including motor and parts and the remote-control access, are your gateway into your garage. Regardless of the type you choose, it is imperative that you choose a professional company for all your garage door repairs. Your garage door opener needs to be durable, well installed and reliable; a faulty garage door could leave you out in the cold. From the motor to the cables and all the way to the remote and/or smartphone-enabled entry, make sure your garage door opener repair is trusted to a reputable company.

Springs & Cables

Same day garage door spring and cables repair

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Garage Door Spring Repair

A very important garage door repair service is a spring repair. The spring that creates the force to lift the gate is a vital part of the garage door function, and it is important that this part is monitored regularly for wear and tear. Because of the nature of the spring action, improperly handling and/or installing a garage door spring can result in great damages and injury, so it is important to leave this task to a professional. Springs come in either torsion or extension options and each has their own merits and drawbacks.

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Garage Door Cable Repair

When your garage door cables get frayed or damaged, this can mean a faulty garage door operation. The cables in a garage are set under extreme tension in order to properly operate, so repair of these cables is a great safety hazard if not done correctly. The cables can get frayed or break over time, particularly if there is moisture present or faulty installation of the garage door. These matters can be remedied with the right tools and know-how, but this is certainly not a DIY project, so trust your garage door cable repair to an expert.

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